Popular Questions about Healthy Fundraising

We receive several questions about how much we charge for our campaign management software and why it’s a valuable part of your fun-run and walk-a-thon. Hopefully this will answer a lot of your questions.

Q. How much does the campaign management software cost?

The licensing fee is only $149 dollars, perhaps less if you have a promotion code. Best of all, there are NO monthly fees! All returning customers will receive a promo code for a $50 discount the following year.

Q: What is included with the Licensing Fee?

A. The FundMonkey license allows users to setup their account, create their fundraising webpage, create donation codes for participants, send bulk email to participants and manage online donations by participant, group and group leader (grade level and teacher). You also have access to our know-how page to help improve your fundraising success. Don’t forget our excellent customer service!

Q: How long is the software license good fore?

A: Your campaign remains active in our system until you close your event. Closing your event at the end of your fundraiser, will render your account and pledge codes inactive. All funds collected online will be sent to the physical mailing address provided at registration. Your fundraising page will still be visible but you will not have access for editing. Please make any post-event changes before closing your account.

Q. Are there credit card processing fees?

A. Yes, our total for online transactions is only 9%. We split that with the bank to cover all the transaction and monthly security fees. Overall bank fees are roughly 4% of each transaction and FundMonkey charges 5% to help cover our expenses and pay our staff for a total of 9% fees for only the transactions we process online.

Remember, you keep 100% of the donations you collect in person and 100% of the funds received from business sponsors.

Q. Is there software I have to install?

A. There is no software to install. As long as you have an Internet Browser such as FireFox or Internet Explorer and an Internet connection you are ready to get started.

FundMonkey is a web-based platform. You will setup your fundraising webpage, upload participants or enable online registration, communicate with participants and process donations online through our secure credit card gateway using your web browser.

Q: How do we use the FundMonkey to maximize our proceeds?

A: We have a proven formula that has been shown to work time and again: “Communication + Motivation = Participation = Donation”. With this in mind, the campaign management tools are designed to maximize your proceeds.

Start by uploading participant information and email addresses into our system. Our system will automatically create donation codes for each participant. Don’t worry about sharing this information with us, it is jealously guarded per our privacy policy.

Use the campaign management tools to email hundreds of donation codes to participants. The email includes fundraisng webpage and donation codes and encourages use of social media to make your fundraiser go viral and increase online donations throughout the campaign.

Participants will be notified, by email, each time a donation is made with their code.

You can also use the bulk email tool to send custom emails to all your participants and/or parents. Sharing information about contests and prizes will create competition among your participants.

Regular communication with parents and participants using the Event Management tools WILL increase participation and maximize your proceeds.

Q: Do we have to use ALL the services and ideas available on the know-how page?

A: Once you register your campaign with us, you are welcome to use as much or as little of the services and materials we provide. Your registered campaign license is for YOUR unique event. We’ll respect your wishes and do our best to provide a helping hand and sound advice, we want everyone to be successful.

In addition, your event will grow every year and you’ll have the flexibility to try different things each year. Many of your ideas will be very successful, if so, please share them with us and we’ll share them with the rest of our newsletter subscribers.

Small School Improves Profits with FundMonkey

In September, Assumption School held their 5th annual “Bike Ride Around Granger.”   For the last two years, they’ve relied on the marketing materials and technology, offered by Pride Fundraising, to help their school market their event with a custom Pride Page, acquire corporate sponsorships and raise money through on-line donations.Assumption School, a small k-8 school with only 80 students, chose to increase their proceeds by focusing on the online donation tools included with Pride Fundraising’s event management interface.  Their story is below.

80 Students Increase Online Donations by 164% over the Previous Year. 

“The previous year, we used FundMonkey for the first time and were very pleased with the service and customer support.  In 2009, we raised around $23,000”, writes Deb, event co-chair.  “After four years, we had really dialed in our Bike Ride, so, for our 5th annual ride in 2010, we decided to really push drive the campaign and the built-in credit card donation tools provided by FundMonkey.

“We did several things to increase our online donations.

  1. Created a weekly contest for the donation from the furthest away.  We also gave a prize each week for the person with the most online donations.
  2. We sent weekly reminders to parents encouraging their promotion and sharing of the Pride Page and pledge codes to their friends and family with e-mail and social networking.
  3. Held a ‘final push’ contest to help students wrap up online donations.
  4. Created email templates for parents to use.
  5. Created Facebook/Twitter status templates for parents to personalize and use
  6. Online donation information was included in EVERY piece of communication with parents. From emails and messages sent home with the students to information on our school website – our families were reminded multiple times of the simplicity of online donations through our Pride Page.

“Overall, our success was due in large part to the ease of the FundMonkey system.  Our families found it easy to request donations from outside our local community without having to ask Aunt Becky in Paducah to write a check, put it in an envelope, mail the envelope and then send the check to school with our students.

“The ease of use, combined with the familiarity of using the event management tools for a second year and our commitment to promoting the online donations, helped increase our online donations by 164% over the prior year.

“Our event raised an additional $1,754 in online donations, pushing our total event proceeds to just over $25,000, an all time record.  FundMonkey really helped us maximize our proceeds!”

Boost Your Proceeds with Employer Matching Gifts

Many businesses, large and small, may offer benefits that go unnoticed. One of these unknown benefits encourages employees to give back to their community by participating in charitable fundraising activities.  In exchange, employers offer an “Employee Matching Gift” program to those employees.

Employee matching gifts (also known asmatching funds) are grants an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions.

Unlike food and product sales, a fundraising event makes your participants and/or their parents eligible to receive Employee Matching Gifts.   We provide a template that can be downloaded, for registered users, that may help your participants and/or their parents to double their personal contributions. 

Employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation. Some companies may also give matching gifts for an employees’ volunteer efforts or paid time off.

Procedures vary with each company. Typically, individuals must submit forms to their employers. They can usually get more information about their matching gift benefits from their human resources department.

Small companies that don’t already offer such a program, may be willing to match an employee that is participating in a fundraiser  Be sure to encourage your participants’ parents to ask about matching funds for your event.

Download our “Corporate Match Form” and include it with every take-home packet provided at the kickoff.  Include instructions for using the form and encourage parents to talk to their HR departments or small business owners about a matching program.

You can double personal contributions by encouraging your participants and their parents to inquire about Employee Matching Gifts where they work.  Another example of how our campaign management software and your event are far more profitable than food or product sales.