One Part Campaign – One Part Event

Every ‘thon based fundraiser whether it’s a fun run or a walk-a-thon consists of two major planning components – the campaign and the event.  There may be slight overlap between the two, but usually these two important activities are fully capable of operating independently.

Sometimes when explaining the fundraising process, we remind our customers that the campaign is the part that raises the money and the event can be thought of as the reward for a successful campaign because, let’s face it, it is the funnest part of the fundraiser.

Both parts are equally important because…

  1. If your campaign is poorly executed your fundraiser will struggle financially and give voice to the “I Told You So” crowd who didn’t want to make a change and…
  2. If your fundraiser isn’t fun, well, let’s face it, that’s just sad.  All it takes is some music, food, drinks and games. We joke that kids get excited about a fire drill, so of course it will be fun.

That puts most of the pressure on the campaign managers, but that’s okay, we know how to run a campaign, and we’ll share our secret. Start with this simple formula in mind…  Communication + Motivation = Participation = Donation

Communication: Communicating important campaign and event information to hundreds of participants (or their parents) can be a daunting task. FundMonkey’s campaign management platform utilizes email addresses for participants.  If you don’t have a list, we’ll provide online registration to help you get an updated list and create donation codes for each student and provide the tools for mailing your participants.  We’ll also help you with take-home fliers and provide insight on how to increase the number of online registrants for your fundraiser.   Once participants are registered we make it easy to send emails and donation codes to collect online donations and motivate participants with contests and prizes.

Motivation: Nobody has more experience in motivating fundraising participants than our customers who use our campaign support page. We encourage our customers raising money for school children to invest in awesome prizes for top earners.  We provide several ideas for great prize packages and contest ideas that will motivate grade levels, classrooms and individuals to raise more fundraising dollars.

Participation: With event-based fundraising in schools, participation in the event is usually mandatory however, participation in the campaign is completely voluntary. With the proper communication and motivation, we’ll show you how to increases campaign participation. With the proper resources, you can make the campaign as much fun as the event, we’ll show you how!

Donation: Fundraising is a numbers game. By increasing participation by just a small percentage, you can add thousands to your fundraiser. FundMonkey will provide the best strategies and resources to maximize your fundraising campaign and help you earn more in overall donations than ever before.

At the end of your fundraising event and awards ceremony both event planners and campaign managers can high-five for a job well done and start planning for next year!



Small School Improves Profits with FundMonkey

In September, Assumption School held their 5th annual “Bike Ride Around Granger.”   For the last two years, they’ve relied on the marketing materials and technology, offered by Pride Fundraising, to help their school market their event with a custom Pride Page, acquire corporate sponsorships and raise money through on-line donations.Assumption School, a small k-8 school with only 80 students, chose to increase their proceeds by focusing on the online donation tools included with Pride Fundraising’s event management interface.  Their story is below.

80 Students Increase Online Donations by 164% over the Previous Year. 

“The previous year, we used FundMonkey for the first time and were very pleased with the service and customer support.  In 2009, we raised around $23,000”, writes Deb, event co-chair.  “After four years, we had really dialed in our Bike Ride, so, for our 5th annual ride in 2010, we decided to really push drive the campaign and the built-in credit card donation tools provided by FundMonkey.

“We did several things to increase our online donations.

  1. Created a weekly contest for the donation from the furthest away.  We also gave a prize each week for the person with the most online donations.
  2. We sent weekly reminders to parents encouraging their promotion and sharing of the Pride Page and pledge codes to their friends and family with e-mail and social networking.
  3. Held a ‘final push’ contest to help students wrap up online donations.
  4. Created email templates for parents to use.
  5. Created Facebook/Twitter status templates for parents to personalize and use
  6. Online donation information was included in EVERY piece of communication with parents. From emails and messages sent home with the students to information on our school website – our families were reminded multiple times of the simplicity of online donations through our Pride Page.

“Overall, our success was due in large part to the ease of the FundMonkey system.  Our families found it easy to request donations from outside our local community without having to ask Aunt Becky in Paducah to write a check, put it in an envelope, mail the envelope and then send the check to school with our students.

“The ease of use, combined with the familiarity of using the event management tools for a second year and our commitment to promoting the online donations, helped increase our online donations by 164% over the prior year.

“Our event raised an additional $1,754 in online donations, pushing our total event proceeds to just over $25,000, an all time record.  FundMonkey really helped us maximize our proceeds!”