As you may already know, Fun Runs and Walk-a-thons don’t raise money, it’s the campaign that raises money.  FundMonkey provides the resources and technology to help you successfully manage your fundraising campaign and significantly increase your overall donations.  Here are examples of customers who’ve used FundMonkey’s proven tools & technology to raise more money and keep more of their profits.

Woodland Hills Elementary, West Des Moines, IA

Held their first ever “Run for the Hills” fun run in the Fall of 2014. Previous proceeds for food and product fundraiser was around $9,800

Goal: $26,000 – Total Raised: $36,127 – Online Proceeds: $13,745

Webster Elementary, Urbandale, IA

Held their first Race Around Webster in the Fall of 2013. Prior year they raised $12,000 in profit from a cookie dough and pizza sale.  FundMonkey exceeded all expectations in back to back years!

2013 – Goal: $19,000 – Raised: $43,218 – Online Proceeds: $20,466

2014 – Goal: $35,000 – Raised: $35,285 – Online Proceeds: $21,012

Saint Matthew School, Cedar Rapids, IA

In the Fall of 2014, St. Matthew held their first walk-a-thon using FundMonkey’s powerful   campaign management software.

Goal: $15,000 – Total Raised: $16,855 – Online Proceeds: $8,655

Assumption Elementary, Granger, IA

Held their 9th Annual “Bike Ride Around Granger” with only 80 k-8 students. Assumption has been using our software solutions for their last five fundraisers.

Goal: $10,500 – Total Raised: $25,260 – Online Proceeds: $4,605

Tess Corners Elementary, Muskego Wisconsin

In the Fall of 2014 they held their 2nd walk-a-thon using FundMonkey to manage the campaign around their walk-a-thon.

Goal: $10,000 – Total Raised: $12,347 – Online Proceeds: $2,940

Glen Lake Elementary, Minnetonka, MN

In the Fall of 2014 Glen Lake Elementary held their 2nd annual walk-a-thon using our campaign management solutions.

Goal: $10,000 – Total Raised: $16,346 – Online Proceeds: $3,474