Early this Spring, my wife and I signed up (technically she signed us up) once again for the Moonlight Classic bicycle ride.  The ride takes place at 9:00pm in Downtown Des Moines.  It’s a festive occasion where people dress up themselves and their bikes, trikes and one unicycle with glow sticks, flashing lights and all kinds of attention grabbing decorations.

As you can guess the event was “altered” this year due to the Corona Virus and social distancing. This year, they were able to round up the same sponsors and get just as many cyclists signed up, however, the main difference, we were encouraged to ride a different route at any location during a time of our choosing within a certain period of time.  Cindy and I rode several weekends ago and we still had a fun ride and we were sure to take a selfie and submit it as proof of our participation.

We asked ourselves, how do we apply this concept to FundMonkey and we came up with the perfect way of doing this.  FundMonkey is pretty flexible and it appears we can configure the Team Setting with an activity.  Different kids can sign up for an activity they can do alone or with a few friends.

FundMonkey allows campaign managers to create teams.  In the new normal, teams can be different events. Each activity can be done for an hour.  Different events could include:

  • Shooting Hoops
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Bicycle riding
  • Playing catch with a baseball or football
  • Kicking soccer goals
  • Dancing

When parents sign up their students they can select their activity or it can be assigned during the student upload.   FundMonkey will then track donations by each event/activity.  Campaign managers can provide updates on how groups are comparing to each other and reward their fundraising success.

We didn’t know it 10 years ago, but FundMonkey is the perfect tool for managing social-distancing fundraising in a post Covid world.  Just call us if you have any questions.