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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Added to Fundraising Pages

By: the Famous Monkey

With tighter browser security rules being enforced by web browsers throughout 2018, FundMonkey engineers have extended the SSL which was originally only on the Secure Donation page, to each of the customer fundraising pages. Now, when you create your fundraiser information page such as, you will notice the tiny green padlock left of your […]

Norwalk PTO Raises $57,886 in 3rd Annual Warrior Dash

By: the Famous Monkey

Norwalk PTO relies on FundMonkey to manage their fundraising campaigns for two elementary schools, Lakewood Elementary and Oviatt Elementary.   The two schools hold their fundraising campaigns simultaneously and then hold their events a week apart. This year they raised $57,886 for their efforts.  Thank you to Norwalk PTO for their continued trust in FundMonkey and […]

Hudson Elementary Raises $15,608 in First Pirate Jog-a-thon

By: the Famous Monkey

Hudson Elementary PTO raised $15,608 in their first ever Pirate Jog-a-thon.  FundMonkey loves working with small schools who want to raise more money with healthier more profitable fundraising events.  We provide the tools and resources and our best customers like the parents behind Hudson PTO provide the motivation and energy.  Thank you Hudson PTO!

Waverly – Shell Rock Raises $11,435 in Non-Fundraiser

By: the Famous Monkey

Waverly – Shell Rock middle school held their first Go-Hawk Hustle as a fall fitness event.  They enabled FundMonkey to register participants and take donations, but at no time did they label their fitness event as a fundraiser. Lindsay Schaapveld commented, “We enabled the FundMonkey donation codes and website, but we never marketed this event […]

Grant Ragan Elementary in Waukee Raises an Astonishing $69,314 in Fundraising Proceeds

By: the Famous Monkey

Grant Ragan Elementary continues to increase their fundraising revenues with their 3rd Annual Grant Ragan Fun Run.  Even after this check was written several thousand dollars in employer “matching funds” rolled in, bringing the total amount to over $73k. When Grant Ragan opened it’s doors 3 years ago, their PTO held their first fundraiser with […]