Frequently Asked Questions

What is FundMonkey

FundMonkey is web-based campaign management software. We provide technology, resources, printed material and event supplies to maximize your fundraising success.

Fundraising events don’t raise money; it’s the campaign that raises money! FundMonkey improves your fundraiser by providing the resources to help you raise more and keep more of your profits! When you manage your campaign with the right tools and technology you will increase participation and overall donations.  

How do I get started?

Most people get started by researching our Blog and our production website When you are comfortable with the FundMonkey privacy policy and our terms of service, you are ready to register for your single-event license.

FundMonkey will provide campaign management for nearly any type of Fundraiser. Remember, If you can imagine it, FundMonkey will support it!  

How do I create a fundraising webpage

 FundMonkey uses Webframe an easy to use CMS web development tool that allows you to create webpages by using Microsoft Word Documents.  The FundMonkey framework provides the Donate Now, Donation Thermometer and Online Registration.

Why should I use FundMonkey?

Simply put, your fundraising activity doesn’t raise money. It’s the campaign behind your event that raises money.

Anybody can host a fundraising event, however, we make your campaign more profitable

FundMonkey is the easiest-to-use, most profitable fundraising program anywhere. Volunteer fundraisers that use FundMonkey and follow our program can earn as much as 30% or more than a do-it-yourself fundraiser.

FundMonkey is specifically designed to help volunteer fundraising groups manage their fundraising campaign, raise more money and keep more of their profits.

Are events more profitable than selling pizzas, pastries, cookies, candies, wrapping paper or coupon books?

Yes, fundraising events can be far more profitable than selling another company’s products. FundMonkey is the lowest cost fundraising solution on the Internet.

The cost for an event license, customer support, technology fees and take-home marketing materials are usually about 2 to 4% of your total fundraiser. Another 6 to 7% can be applied toward t-shirts, prizes and event supplies. On average, you will keep around 90 to 95% of the proceeds after expenses. The more money raised by your campaign, the greater your profit percentage. 

What other advantages can be gained from events offered by FundMonkey?

We provide the technology and resources to enable your fundraising campaign to go Viral with our email server, unique pledge codes and easy access to the latest social networking sites.

Through communication and motivation our program will help you increase participation resulting in more donations.

How much time do we need to organize and hold a fundraising event?

For best results, we suggest at least 30 to 60 days of pre-kickoff planning and 20 to 30 days of campaigning prior to your event. Every fundraising event is unique and different, so be prepared to hit the ground running.

That being said, your FundMonkey web page will only take a few minutes to setup and is ready to process online donations instantly.

What is the cost of a license and what is included?

Register with FundMonkey for only $149, perhaps less with a promotion code. With the cost of your license, you have access to the FundMonkey custom web page promoting your fundraiser and linking users to the secure transaction server for processing participant registration and credit card donations.

FundMonkey will provide proven campaign management resources similar to those used by national organizations that raise millions of dollars every year.

What is the cost of the technology fee?

In order to keep your upfront costs low and to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees, bulk-emailing sever, database management, monthly PCI security audits and administration, we charge a reasonable technology fee of only 9%, but only for the proceeds collected through secure, online transactions.

Keep 100% of all donations collected in person and keep 100% of all donations from business sponsors.

Once your fundraiser is closed in our system, FundMonkey will settle your account and forward the proceeds to the mailing address you provided.

How do I get started?

First of all, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. When you are comfortable with our program, setting up your account takes just a few simple steps.
1. Register with FundMonkey either online with a credit card or through the mail with a check.
2. Login to your account and setup your unique FundMonkey web page.
3. Select registration options or add your participants to the Campaign Management interface – the system will automatically generate unique donation codes for each participant.
4. Purchase marketing materials or other items to assist with your campaign.
5. Manage a fundraising campaign for two to four weeks.
6. Hold your fundraising activity.
7. Share your success story with us so we may post it with our testimonials.