In the Summer of 2014 we were notified by our merchant processor TSYS Acquiring Solutions (they handle the credit card transactions) that they were discontinuing their current payment gateway “PayFuse” and switching to a new system.  This Spring our talented programmers created new credit card gateways for processing donations, registration fees, license fees and catalog purchases and sending them securely to TSYS for processing.

During this upgrade, we threw in a few other little extras:

  1. Changed the auto generated donation codes to include a hyphen “-” instead of an underscore “_” following the campaign ID to make donating easier on tablets and smartphones.
  2. Differentiated the order ID numbers, sent to TSYS, to allow us to more easily identify transactions types through the merchant processor database and track them back to the school and the fundraising participant.
  3. After implementation, some customers noticed a higher than average credit card declined notice.  After  monitoring the site activity noticed that some donors were including extraneous characters with their donation such as a “$” dollar sign.  The programmers changed the code to strip all extraneous characters from the dollar amount field.  Customer support contacted all affected donors and helped them complete their donations.