We launched our first production software in 2009 and since then the rules for sending email have been changing.  Sending email is the backbone of FundMonkey and when sending email through our campaign management interface, in the past we would spoof the receivers with our customer address in the FROM: section of the email.

Email providers such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and Hotmail are ever vigilant against SPAM and it has come to our attention that some of these companies are labeling our email method as potentially Spammy and some of them are detouring some of our emails into junk mail boxes.  Since we’re not spammers, we decided to change the methods in which we send email on behalf of our fundraising customers.

On October 14th, we changed all outbound email from the FundMonkey server to be FROM: info@FundMonkey, with a  REPLY TO: field containing our customers’ email address.   Every email that originates from FundMonkey will be from Info@FundMonkey.com and include the sender’s email in the REPLY TO: in the email header.  If participants or fundraising parents need to ask questions with a reply, their email will automatically reply to our customer’s email address in the REPLY TO: field.

With this change, we only have one outbound email address to worry about, OURS, so we’ve also engaged a 3rd party mail monitoring service to help us provide best practices with regards to Spam and Blacklists and to keep our domain free from those blacklists to ensure the smooth delivery of your emails.