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First, tell us about your organization.

Disbursements from on-line donations will be sent to your organization’s address and checks will be made out to the organization and mailed to your attention

Visit our secure production website to register your FundMonkey license!

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Next, tell us about yourself.     All correspondence will be sent to the address above but to your attention.

Note: Select a user id that can be easily remembered and passed on to other event administrators in subsequent years.  

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For each fundraiser you host, your details may change.   This survey will help us, help you, reach your goals and will allow us to work with partners that can supply the goods and services for which you are raising money.

Enter promotion codes for discounts. We will finish your transaction with the same secure credit card gateway used for online donations.

An e-mail will be sent to your registered email address with your unique password for logging into the campaign management website where you will first be asked to create your FundMonkey web page.

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