Fundraising groups WILL raise more money when they maximize the number of participants with donation codes. Donation codes are required to raise money online, track individual donations and email participants from the Fundmonkey campaign management interface. FundMonkey provides two different options for creating unique donation codes.

  1. Upload participant information from an Excel spreadsheet. Required information includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address. Fundmonkey will create a unique donation code for each participant.
  2. Enable online registration. FundMonkey makes setting up registration simple with several user configurable options.

If your school doesn’t provide a list students names and parent email address, then online registration may be a great option for you.

Host a registration drive at back-to-school nights or classroom open house prior to your kickoff.     FundMonkey can keep track of registered participants and online donations by teacher and grade, so you can motivate your teachers that are falling behind during the registration drive and throughout the campaign.