The FundMonkey campaign management interface will allow your FundMonkey web page to be seen thousands of times by participants and their friends and family.

This makes your web page a GREAT place for local businesses to advertise. They currently pay for advertising, so this type of exposure will be good for their business.

One of the early duties of the Event Committee is requesting support from the local business community.


At least 60 days prior to your kickoff date, send out your first round of business letters. The following week, send out a second round of business letters to business not previously contacted on the first round. Then, follow up on the first round of sent letters. On the third week follow up with the second round of letters.

For each letter sent, you will need to follow up either in person or by telephone.

Spend the next two or three weeks following up on those businesses that have been difficult to contact or follow up with.

It is important to have all prizes, gifts and corporate donations collected and accounted for, with the exception of food and drink donations, prior to your event kickoff for several reasons.

  1. Corporate and business sponsors should be posted on your FundMonkey web page in exchange for their support of your event.     Your web page should be finished and recognizing your business sponsors at the time of the kickoff.
  2. All prizes collected during this time will need to be displayed during your kickoff to encourage participants to reach their fundraising goals.

Remember, your deadline for completing your business donations and sponsorships is the kickoff date, NOT the event date.