Creating a FundMonkey web page requires basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word.     Open Office Writer (free) can be substituted for MS Word. Files must be saved in a .doc format.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to create your FundMonkey web page as soon as your license is registered. Even if it isn’t perfect, your web page will be your portal for accessing the campaign management tools.

Once you have registered your fundraiser, you can login to your account by clicking “Log In” just beneath the FundMonkey logo. Or you can click here to login.

First click create Web Page and establish your unique sub domain.   Each sub domain will be similar to so try to be creative with your domain names.

Check your spelling carefully. Once you’ve chosen your domain name it is difficult to change and will result in a fee of $25 for changing the domain name.

We provide eight different design templates for your FundMonkey web page.   You can preview the templates below and then make your final selection. Templates can be changed any time.

One last chance at the confirmation page to change either your Domain Name, your email address or your web page template. Check your spelling carefully, once the sub-domain is created, you cannot change it.

Lastly, once you’ve made your design choices, you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions for using FundMonkey’s online campaign management tools.

Congratulations on setting up your FundMonkey page.   You now have a “shell” for creating a customized web page that will process on-line donations.

Once you’ve gone through the steps of setting up your FundMonkey web page, you will need to login to your new sub domain.   An email will be sent within a few minutes with your login information and a link to your FundMonkey page.   Your login screen will look similar to the one below.

Login by clicking on “Log In” within your web page and enter your username and password. Click “Edit Your FundMonkey page” to access the editing menu below.

Use the page management menu to edit the different sections of your web page by using the easy to use menu.

Each section on the left will click through to a menu that will allow you to add your event specific data.

You may start by editing your main page. Click “Edit Content” from the FundMonkey Page Management tool bar.   The main page simply consists of a Microsoft Word document.   For a variety of MS Word templates, click here.

Once your Microsoft Word template has been edited to your liking, save the file onto your hard drive.

NOTE: NEVER use floating text boxes in your Fundraising web page. For best results setup a table with cells for placing text, graphics and photos.

Go to the FundMonkey web page editing and “edit content” and then click on the “Browse” button, and find your updated file.   Select your file and then click “Upload”.

Your Webpage is ready for viewing, you can edit and upload your page as often as you like.

Make changes to your webpage whenever needed.   When you are ready, send the link to your participants with the Campaign Management interface and publish to other web pages.