PTA/PTO parents and fundraising groups change every year and so do the geeky and technical talents of your team. FundMonkey provides a dependable level of consistency that may be replicated year over year ensuring your groups success regardless of their skill sets.

Another key element, in order to maintain consistency, is a dedicated Event Committee to manage the details of the event.   This committee will be responsible for all the decisions regarding when, where and how your fundraising event will be held. These details are important if you want to duplicate and improve upon your year over year success.

Many groups are successful with a four member/couples event committee that required a two year term commitment.   After the first year, two of the four committee members/couples will step down, and two more committee members will be added.

Adding two new committee members every year will keep people from getting burned out and allow their ideas and energy to add to the success of your event.

The event committee will be responsible for:

  • Choosing an activity as the basis for your fundraising campaign: walk-a-thon, read-a-thon, bowling etc…
  • Selecting the participants for the event (applies mainly to schools)
  • Selecting the event location
  • Planning the route, if necessary
  • Signing up and scheduling volunteers
  • Registering the event license on-line (requires a credit card or can be pre-paid with a check by downloading our registration form)
  • Creating the FundMonkey web page
  • Generation Donation Codes by adding participants into the Campaign Management section of the web page and e-mailing their unique pledge codes to them.
  • Soliciting local businesses for their support (donations or prizes) with in-person visits, mailings and follow up phone calls
  • Purchasing t-shirts and other materials
  • Hosting the kickoff meeting at the beginning of the campaign.
  • Managing weekly donation/pledge collections.
  • Managing the details of the actual event.

Remember to delegate certain activities to volunteers, you can’t do it all yourself.  Break your committee into three areas of responsibility

  1.  Planning the Campaign (this group works with the online campaign through FundMonkey and the collection of donations)
  2.  Organizing the Event (this group organizes everything about the event: date, location, snacks, etc.)
  3.  Soliciting Corporate Sponsors and Donations (this group seeks donations and sponsorships from local businesses)

Each fundraising activity is unique, be prepared for other variables as they arise.