Congratulations, you’ve finished your fundraiser!

We trust that your experience exceeded all your expectations.

By effectively using the campaign management tools and communicating with your participants, hopefully your participants registered online and e-mailed the fundraising web page and their donation codes to thousands of friends and family members and also posted donation codes on multiple social networking sites.

If so, you may have a bank of online registration fees and donations that are ready to be closed out and sent to you.

You MUST close your event before FundMoney will close out your account and send the on-line proceeds, less technology fees, to the address we have on file to the attention of your event administrator.

Close your event by logging into your fundraising web-page with your username and password. Click “Manage Your Campaign” then Click “Participants and Donations” In the bottom right box click the shiny red button “Close This Event”. 

Once your event is closed:

  • Your password will be deactivated
  • You will NOT be able to edit the FundMonkey web page or access Campaign Management
  • All participant information and donations will be moved to a protected archive file
  • Donations Codes will be deactivated

Before closing your event please consider the following.

  1. Wait three to six weeks to ensure there are no stragglers who’ve been putting off making an online donation.
  2. Update your FundMonkey web page, one last time, with the following suggestions:
  3. Offer a big thank you to your volunteers and corporate sponsors.
  4. Be sure that all corporate sponsors are recognized and have links to their web pages.
  • Let your community know the success of your fundraising event.
  1. Add photos from your event and share about your success.

Your FundMonkey web page will continue to be live after your event is closed, however, all donation codes, donations and registration fees will be moved to an archive folder.

Easily Reactivate Your Campaign

You can immediately reactivate your campaign with a new license fee. Some groups will create a generic donation code to keep their web page collecting donations all year long. As a bonus, you will be registered and “ready-to-go” for next year’s fundraiser.