The key to managing a successful campaign is communicating and motivating participants. Many sites will allow you to collect money online, however, we allow you to send mass emails to participants and collect donations for hundreds of individual participants and monitor those donations by participant, teacher and class in real time.

The Campaign Management webpage will allow Event Admins to enter/upload participants into the database and will automatically create a unique donation code for each participant.

With two clicks of the mouse, you can e-mail the donation codes and your custom FundMonkey web page directly to the participants or parents of the participants.

To upload a single participant, click on the “Enter Single Participant” button on the top left. You will see a screen similar to the one below. Once added, you will go back to the main screen where you can edit, delete or e-mail the donation code to the participants.


FundMonkey requires

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail address

FundMonkey does not require

  • Middle initial
  • Phone number

Use a generic email for participants or parents that don’t have an email address.  Create a generic gmail or  hotmail account for this purpose such as or

Participants can also be added in bulk using our Excel spreadsheet template.

  1. Download our Participant Template File
  2. Copy your students or participants from your Excel spreadsheet and paste into our form, one column at a time.
  3. Be sure your rows line up.
  4. Save the new file to your hard drive.
  5. Click “Browse” to find your saved file
  6. Click “Upload Participant File” and wait while the database processes your participants. 


  • The downloaded template is protected – make all edits and changes to your name list prior to copying into the template.
  • Save the template in the older .xls format – NOT the newer .xlsx

The bulk upload tool will only support 500 participants per upload. Additional spreadsheets can be uploaded and added to the current participant list.

Once the list is uploaded, it’s easy to add individual users, edit or delete existing participants.

Participant or contact e-mail addresses are important because they allow you to send bulk e-mail quickly and easily.

Participants raising money tend to get competitive, as they request donations from friends and family through e-mail and social networking. When participants receive donations online they will receive an e-mail notification of each donation to inform them of their fundraising success.

Create a generic donation code by adding a user with the fist name “Johnson” and the last name “Elementary”. The system will create a donation code like “123_JohElementary”. Post the generic code for potential donors that may not have a specific participant to support.