Training Videos

Learn how to use the proven, powerful features in FundMonkey's campaign management interface. Click here, and learn how to:

  • Start with an Overview of FundMonkey
  • Registering online and setting up your sub-domain
  • Creating a Fundraising web-page with WebFrame
  • Configure participant registration options
  • Monitoring your campaign: registration results, online donations, participant data and t-shirt orders
  • Manage your campaign, create donation codes and drive online/offline donations.

Custom Printed t-shirts and other Apparel

Shop for men's, women's and youth apparel here. We include several of the most popular brands and styles including t-shirts and hoodies.

Order clothing with your custom logos and we'll ship within 10 days of receiving your order and artwork approval.

Event Timeline Calculator

This handy little tool is an Excel spreadsheet that helps you calculate your planning schedule.

Generic Kickoff Letter

Every Fundraiser needs a kickoff!  Use this letter as a baseline for informing parents about your fundraiser

Waiver of Liability

Some organizations need a waiver of Liability.  Use this form as is, or edit as needed.

Parent's Take Home Checklist

Edit this checklist to ensure your students are taking home the necessary information.

Student Permission Form

Use this as a template for your Student Permission Form.  Your details will vary.

Employer Matching Gift Form

Many larger employers will "Matching Gift" programs and will match what parents donate.  Here is a generic form to help.

Corporate Donation Receipt

Businesses may donate cash or in-kind items.  Use this receipt so they can get a tax credit.

Printed Materials & Supplies

We offer printed materials and supplies to support your fundraiser.