Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Added to Fundraising Pages

With tighter browser security rules being enforced by web browsers throughout 2018, FundMonkey engineers have extended the SSL which was originally only on the Secure Donation page, to each of the customer fundraising pages.

Now, when you create your fundraiser information page such as, you will notice the tiny green padlock left of your URL.  This ensures connections are secure between your fundraising website and your visitors.

We continue to strive to improve your Fundraising experience.  Thank you for choosing FundMonkey.


Norwalk PTO Raises $57,886 in 3rd Annual Warrior Dash

Norwalk PTO relies on FundMonkey to manage their fundraising campaigns for two elementary schools, Lakewood Elementary and Oviatt Elementary.   The two schools hold their fundraising campaigns simultaneously and then hold their events a week apart.

This year they raised $57,886 for their efforts.  Thank you to Norwalk PTO for their continued trust in FundMonkey and their involvement in their school.


Hudson Elementary Raises $15,608 in First Pirate Jog-a-thon

Hudson Elementary PTO raised $15,608 in their first ever Pirate Jog-a-thon.  FundMonkey loves working with small schools who want to raise more money with healthier more profitable fundraising events.  We provide the tools and resources and our best customers like the parents behind Hudson PTO provide the motivation and energy.  Thank you Hudson PTO!

Waverly – Shell Rock Raises $11,435 in Non-Fundraiser

Waverly – Shell Rock middle school held their first Go-Hawk Hustle as a fall fitness event.  They enabled FundMonkey to register participants and take donations, but at no time did they label their fitness event as a fundraiser.

Lindsay Schaapveld commented, “We enabled the FundMonkey donation codes and website, but we never marketed this event as a fundraiser.  Thanks to our success this is now the prototype for future fundraisers with FundMonkey.”

Welcome aboard Waverly – Shell Rock, we look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Grant Ragan Elementary in Waukee Raises an Astonishing $69,314 in Fundraising Proceeds

Grant Ragan Elementary continues to increase their fundraising revenues with their 3rd Annual Grant Ragan Fun Run.  Even after this check was written several thousand dollars in employer “matching funds” rolled in, bringing the total amount to over $73k.

When Grant Ragan opened it’s doors 3 years ago, their PTO held their first fundraiser with FundMonkey and have been rocking it ever since.  Thank you and congratulations to Grant Ragan and the PTO parents who drive their successful fundraisers.

Woodward Granger PTO Raises Record $40,500 Dollars

Congratulations to Woodward Granger PTO for raising a record $40,500 in their 2018 FALL FUNdraiser.  This goes to show that FundMonkey can help even small school districts raise serious money when everyone works Together.  Thank you to the WG PTO for your trust in FundMonkey!

Woodward Granger PTO Raises Record $45,500

Prairie Trail Celebrates 4th Year with FundMonkey with BIG Results

Prairie Trail Elementary in Ankeny celebrated their 4th year using FundMonkey’s powerful campaign management software for their Annual Prairie Dog Dash.  As PTO members continue to cycle through the school system, we take pride in helping new members raise record fundraising profits with FundMonkey!

New Feature to Recapture Technology Fees from Donors

Several customers have asked us to include a feature that allows the donors to include the 9% processing and technology fees to their donations.   The ability to add this feature is optional as is the donors’ option to choose adding the 9% to their donations.

FundMonkey customers can setup  this feature by clicking on “Edit Your FundMonkey Page” and selecting “Enable Donation Fees from the bottom of the list.




Once selected, that feature will be on the donation page.  FundMonkey will still charge our customary 9% for all funds processed, however overall donation amounts will usually increase.



This feature was soft-launched during the Fall 2018 fundraising campaigns with great success.

Updates to Email Server

In the Summer of 2018 we made additional updates to our email server to ensure only one email goes out to parents when sending a custom email. Some parents may have as many as three children in an elementary school so for a generic email being sent from FundMonkey we will only send one email to each unique email address.


Big Upgrades for 2017

As always we are making upgrades to the FundMonkey campaign management platform to provide more services and to make it easier to use.

Here are a few of the upgrades implemented for the 2017 season.

  1. We added new language to the animation overlay when sending emails and donation codes from FundMonkey.   The new overlay reminds users that sending hundreds of emails can take a few minutes and navigating away from the sending screen will stop the process.  So, the new language reminds users to sit tight and wait for the process to finish.
  2. We changed the language for credit cards that are declined.  Credit card donations require the donor to input accurate information.  If the card information is inaccurate, the credit card gateway will reject the transaction. FundMonkey would report back with a message that said “Credit Card Declined” when in fact it may have not been processed.  Last year we had 6 or 7 donors call us with the complaint that we were declining their cards.  And when we entered the donation manually, the card went through.   The new message says “Oops, something went wrong” and provides options for donors to retry, by turning off autofill in their browser, or switching to a different browser.
  3. We add proceeds from online registration fees to the Fundraising page thermometer.  Before they had to be added manually.
  4. We made a slight change to the online registration capabilities so when participants select an event.  If the second event is enabled, the second event, won’t auto-populate the adult or student section.   It worked fine, it was just confusing to users.

New Feature:

We’re pretty excited about our newest feature.  Many fundraising parents think that their unique code should allow them to log into the site, but the code is only for managing online donations.

Even though we send donation confirmation emails to both the donor and the participant, sometimes that isn’t enough.  Or sometimes, those emails may end up in a spam folder or the parent has a wrong email address on file.

Now Your fundraising administrator can Select “Lookup Online Donations” in the “Edit Your FundMonkey Page” menu and select “Yes or No” on “Enable Donation Code Lookup”.

Selecting “Yes” will create a new blue button “Look Up donations or codes” Using your email address, you can lookup your donation codes and amounts for all participants that share your email address. Entering the donation code will also show donations for that participant.

Typing in your donation code or email address will result in the following information being displayed.

This tool should answer a lot of questions from parents and make the campaign portion of your fundraiser MUCH smoother.