This April Fools day is like no other.  We’re estimating that the school season will be cancelled for the rest of the year and along with that so too will Spring Fundraising and that’s no joke.

Many school PTA’s and PTO’s depend on Spring Fundraising for much of their annual budget and like these schools, we depend on our meager fundraising revenue to make updates to our technology.

With the passing of the recent bailout, there looks to be money for small business to help them stay in business.  Internally, we’ve chosen NOT to apply for these grants.  FundMonkey is a privately held company and it is one of the many small business units for our Web Design company.   Luckily, we plan to weather this storm without any layoffs or loss of livelihood for our team members.

This will free up some of the bail-out money for the small businesses that really need it.

We hope to see you all in the fall and if social distancing guidelines are still in place, FundMonkey will be an ideal solution for you.